Journalist (TSL Media, Malaysia)

Job Description

About the role:

We are seeking a meticulous Journalist to join our team at MustShareNews under TSL Media, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In this role, you will play a key role in curating news articles for MustShareNews, with a focus on driving audience engagement and growth to MustShareNews’s page.

The ideal candidate will have a proven experience in writing news articles, have a good eye for trending topics and well-versed in current affairs.

If you have a traditional media/print background and want to crossover to digital, this role would be perfect for you. We promise not to take umbrage for asking questions and we strongly encourage doing that during your training phase!

What you will do:

  • Sourcing news leads
  • Writing news articles (organic & branded content)
  • Interviewing persons of interest (e.g. profile features, OPs of viral posts)
  • Ideating & executing memes/infographics
  • Social media channel management
  • Create visual content for social media platforms, e.g. infographics, TikTok videos, Instagram posts

The successful candidate should have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, or related field
  • A minimum of 2-3 years of experience in editorial team of a publication
  • Strong command of English
  • Competent writer – able to write fast and flawlessly
  • Versatile – able to adapt to our house style
  • Meticulous – great at fact-checking and editing