May 15, 2024
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Who We Are

Woodmark has been a cornerstone of the regional veneer industry, known for our commitment to quality and creativity. We're currently seeking a dedicated individual to join us in an administrative role. 我們是区域木皮行业的佼佼者,以我们对质量和创造力的承诺而闻名。 我们目前正在寻找一位文書職員加入我们的行政团队。

Job Description

The administrative role involves managing paperwork related to orders and finance matters. You will assist in scheduling for the office and production teams. Additionally, you will handle basic communication with clients.

Basic Requirements 基本要求:

• Minimum education level of SPM/DIPLOMA 学历以上

• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.熟练使用文書軟件

• Independent, self-motivated, and a strong team player. 独立、自我激励,并且具有良好的团队合作精神。

• Basic proficiency in written and spoken English. 基本的英语书面和口语能力。

• Preferably able to converse in Mandarin, as many of our customers speak Mandarin.能够用中文交流者最為理想,因为我们的许多客户和團隊普遍使用中文。

If you’re organized, detail-oriented, and excited to contribute to our team, we’d love to have you on board! Join us at Woodmark and be part of our growing family. 如果您有条理,注重细节,并且渴望为我们的团队做出贡献,我们非常期待您的加入!加入Woodmark,成为我们不断壮大的大家庭的一员。