Creative Content Intern

Awesome Group Singapore
July 2, 2024
$800 - $1000 / month
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Who We Are

Awesome Group is a content creation agency that focus on producing engaging content that speaks to the heart of the audience and bring love to our clients' brands. Our team has been enjoying Social Media since 2009 and we were part of the founding team of SGAG, Awesome Singapore, Mediacock Singapore, We Are Majulah and The Royal Singapore. We find joy in seeing smiles on our fans and clients alike, and we believe we can make the world a better place with our creativity and imagination

Job Description

Content Creation:

Develop and produce visually compelling and innovative content for TikTok and Instagram platforms.
Ensure content aligns with the brand’s voice, style, and overall marketing strategy.
Content Calendar Management:

Develop and manage a monthly content calendar for our social media platforms, primarily TikTok and Instagram.
Develop captivating captions for each post to boost brand awareness and audience engagement.
Trend Monitoring:

Stay up-to-date with current trends and emerging content formats on TikTok and Instagram.
Integrate trending elements into content to maximize reach and engagement.

Responsive and effective in handling direct messages (DMs) and inquiries across all social media accounts.
Work closely with the respective brand leads to align content with overall campaign objectives.
Collaborate with influencers and other partners to enhance content reach.
Technical Skills:

Proficiency in video editing and design softwares (e.g. Canva and Capcut).
Knowledge of social media analytics tools including but not limited to Facebook Insights, Instagram Analytics, and TikTok Analytics is a plus
Extract meaningful insights, assess content performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize our brands’ digital presence.

Strong creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
Ability to translate ideas into visually appealing and engaging content.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to convey ideas clearly and effectively.

Ability to adapt quickly to changing trends and platform updates.
Willingness to learn and implement new technologies and techniques.