Business Development Executive (Video & Film Production)

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Who We Are

We are One More Turn. We're a small video production house based in Singapore doing our best to create our best.

Job Description

You are the Face.

We’re looking for a charismatic and self-motivated individual who is passionate about all things related to film and video production. Crucially, your role is to foster business leads and connections with brands, organisations and agencies who would be a good fit for us to create impactful projects with.

As our Business Development Executive you will be a key member of our sales team. You will work closely with our Executive Producer and Business Development team to prospect, network and (eventually win) creative pitches towards projects that serve the needs of our clients.

Depending on your network and leads, these projects may range from high-end corporate shoots to mid-sized commercial projects.

Your responsibilities will be as follows:


  • Work closely with the business development team to network, prospect, pitch and to ensure that the clients’ project needs are met.
  • Represent One More Turn “in the wild” (in networking situations) so as to foster deeper industry relationships and potential business.
  • Refine creative decks and pitches with sleek, up-to-date sensibilities so as to garner attention from potential clients.
  • Understand client goals and leverage our team’s abilities and expertise to creatively meet them with your work.
  • Ideate and work with the team to plan in-house creative content for social media and other platforms.
Additional Notes:
  • Required language(s): English
  • Prior work experience in marketing departments, agencies, production houses and other creative outfits will be strongly preferred. Please share your portfolio of past projects, if available.
  • Graduates from a media-related course will be preferred.

Specific Requirements

Job Types: Contract / Full-Time / Freelance

Salary: S$2,800.00 – S$3,000.00 /month; offer varies based on experience.

You must be a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident to apply. Applicants based outside of Singapore will not receive a reply.

Please upload only text-based CVs (.doc or .pdf, max 5MB) and include a link to visual portfolios in your cover letter if you might have worked on any creative projects in the past.

Want the job?

Sell yourself.

But before you do that, it’ll be good to check out some of our work on our channels across social media just to get a sense of who we are. We put our commercial work on our Vimeo, while stuff on our YouTube channel is a bit goofier.

We’re just a bunch of misfits doing our best to keep doing what we love, and finding ways to keep doing it better. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please – write to us with a short self-introduction or use the form on our website.