Our Grandfather Story Pte Ltd
July 5, 2024

Job Description

Our Grandfather Story Pte Ltd is looking for a passionate and creative Culinary Content Creator to join our team. As a Culinary Content Creator, you will be responsible for researching, creating, and producing engaging culinary content, including dishes and recipes. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to host and present cooking-focused content for both Nom and OGS platforms, pitching relevant recipes and other cooking-focused content. Your role will also involve writing and producing content for publication and handling uploads across various social media platforms.


  • Research, create, and produce innovative and visually appealing dishes and recipes.
  • Develop exciting and unique culinary content to engage our audience.
  • Host and present cooking-focused content for Nom and OGS platforms.
  • Showcase your culinary expertise and make content engaging and informative.
  • Pitch relevant recipes and other cooking-focused content for Nom and OGS to ensure a diverse and captivating content portfolio.
  • Write and produce high-quality content for publication, including blog posts, articles, and other written materials related to culinary topics.
  • Handle uploads and engage with the audience on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Optimize content for each platform to maximize reach and engagement.


  • Proven experience in culinary content creation and recipe development.
  • Strong culinary skills and knowledge of diverse cuisines.
  • Excellent communication and presentation abilities.
  • Proficiency in using social media platforms for content sharing and engagement.
  • Creative mindset and ability to think outside the box to create engaging culinary content.